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Kathy J. McDow Ministries is a religious, charitable 501(c)3 organization,"Bringing hope, healing and restoration to all people by preaching the gospel and serving humanity."


In addition to sound biblical teaching and practice, at Kathy J. McDow Ministries we put our faith into action and partner with churches, community organizations and local agencies to meet individuals and families at the point of their need including spiritual guidance, food insecurity, clothing, shelter, childcare and healthcare. We also strive to provide access to job skills training and development for dislocated workers and homemakers; veterans; and people with histories of incarceration.


It is our sincere desire to make a significant impact in the lives of people in the communities we serve while ministering to the whole person - spirit, mind and body.  We invite you to pray with us, partner with us and share in this great work unto the glory and honor of our Lord!

At Kathy J. McDow Ministries...

We are concerned with poverty and the lack of nutritional food that affects children and families on a daily basis. According to "Hunger in America" In 2010, 48.8 million Americans lived in food insecure households, 32.6 million adults and 16.2 million children. It is our goal to heighten awareness and provide food assistance to those individuals in need.


We also endeavor to meet additional needs of children and families, living at or below poverty level in the United States, with clothing and shelter assistance.

At Kathy J. McDow Ministries...

We want to provide individuals with histories of incarceration another chance by partnering with correctional institutions personnel and local agencies to support men and women as we share the Gospel message and aide in successful community reintegration.


According to the "Bureau of Justice" the rate of recidivism in America is close to 70% within three years of release from incarceration.  Approximately 27% of inmates return within the same year of their release.  At Kathy J. McDow Ministries it is our goal to provide assistance to this demographic through job application and resume preparation, interview skills training, on-the-job training, and job development.

Our Mission

"Bringing hope, healing and restoration to all people by preaching the gospel and serving humanity!"

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